Do you have items lying around the house that you no longer use? Many people will have yes as an answer. The next question will be, do you want to get rid of them? And of course, the answer will be another big yes. Many people do not know what to do with them. I have a solution among many. You can sell them. Selling the items will have solved your problems and given you extra cash. Seems a nice idea right? Now, where do you sell the items? There are many platforms to sell them. Online selling being one of them.

Sell online

Social media

This is one avenue you will never go wrong with selling. Post nice picture of the items you are selling on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other site you are a member. Indicate prices and point of collecting the items. A rule with social media selling is that you indicate prices on each image, and avail you contacts. Social media buyers are no very patient hence might end up not making a single sale if the right details are not given. Be nice to customers, do not be rude. Some people might comment negatively on your post. The best thing to do is to ignore such. Exchange of words with unkind viewers might make you lose all potential customers.


If you are decided to sell online, invest in a good camera or smartphone. Clear images attract customers. Fused items might be a bit old, but with a good camera, bright images are taken. Be truthful at all time. Do not send clients pictures of a different item from the one you are selling. It kills trust. Clean the item on sale, repair broken parts and take clear images of the same.


Research on the how other sellers might be selling the same second-hand item at. High pricing sends away customers while to low prices makes it look too good to be true. Potential buyers might ignore the item thinking it is too old.