Storage Services Offered By Removal Companies

Relocation is always a hard decision, especially for businesses and individuals. This is because the physical movement offers quite a challenge due to the accumulated physical assets that need to be moved. Moreover, where short timelines apply it may become cumbersome to move with all possessions at a go bringing in a dilemma on where to temporary store the excess property. This gap is covered by professional removal companies who offer rented spaces for storage services at a set fee. Therefore, as part of the moving activity some moving firms provide storage operations to their clients which include;

Long term or long term storage


Professional removal companies offer customized storage services that meet the customer’s needs. This can be long term or short term depending on the client’s particular need. While most emphasize on temporary storage, others encourage long term tenancy as this provides as steady revenue for them. Moreover, this acts as a competitive edge for some firms who give the client assurance that their property will be well secured for the period they will be away.

Proper packing

Storage of property for long term or temporary basis requires that the client’s property is well packages in watertight boxes or strong containers where they are protected from damage. These possessions are wrapped in paper and PVC material to ensure that they remain dust free for the time they will be in storage.


Most storage facilities allocate storage cells to specific client’s to ensure that all property is well secured. Moreover, they offer 24/7 protection through computerized systems, CCTV cameras, and security personnel. This ensures that even high priced property remains well secured from loss or robbery. To ensure that your property is secure when moving from one point to another, talk to Removals Northampton.

Fumigation and dusting

For long-term storage, it is necessary to fumigate storage cells regularly to ensure that rodents do not destroy a client’s furniture and artwork. Moreover, continued dusting and cleaning of the property ensure that the structural integrity and the value of the property are maintained. The interests of the client should at all times be maintained at high levels with cleanliness maintained at high standards.



Eventually, after the storage experience, the company has an obligation to move the property at the client’s request. These assists build a worthy business relationship that guarantees repeat business or business referrals alongside a good review. Proper movement of stored equipment ensures that the duty of care is carried to the final desired location with the property in good condition to the satisfaction of the client.


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