Human beings spend over one-third of their lives sleeping. Other than your bed, your mattress should consequently rank high in your list of valuable household items. Mattresses are investments worth taking care of because they can be as expensive as the tires on your car. Taking care of a mattress in use isn’t, however, as difficult as looking after one that’s in storage.

How to store a mattress in six easy steps

Step 1

Clean the mattress before putting it away. Vacuum cleaning is commendable if all you need is to blow off dust. Go for the upholstery method if you need to clean it thoroughly using water and an array of detergents. You can learn here how to clean your mattress quickly and easily or hire the services of a professional mattress cleaner if you don’t have the time or the right machinery for the job.r56tyuijkhjgf

Step 2

Invest in a mattress cover. It should be the right size to ensure that it covers the entire mattress. Pick an attractive cover with a unique design as this enables you to store your mattress in plain sight. You could, for instance, have it behind your seat in the living room or behind your bed, and it will still look like a premeditated interior décor add-on, not a spare mattress. Choose a cover that can protect the mattress against rodents and moisture to beef up your mattress storage precautionary measures.

Step 3

Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the mattress before covering it up. The soda absorbs moisture and keeps the mattress dry through the storage period. Use other forms of commercial storage chemicals such as silicone gel if you don’t like the baking soda idea.

Step 4

Avoid storing your mattress in the basement. Only do this is your basement’s architectural design allows in sunlight. The dampness found in basements is likely to give the mattress a perpetual acrid smell which you may never wash or perfume away. Basements are also home to pests and sharp objects that can cause damage. Prepare to sundry the mattress regularly if you’re out of storage options.

Step 5

Consider the storage time as this determines the positioning. Long-term storage requires you to store the mattress flat as if it’s on a bed. Side-ways placements suit short-term storage spans since unlike the flat position, it shifts the mechanical aspects of the mattress. The coils and the springs are often affected by this, making it uncomfortable in the long run.

Step 6

34t5y6tfhtdrgGet creative with storage spaces. Flat top furniture surfaces are examples of mattress storage areas that rarely come to mind. Do not place heavy objects on the mattress irrespective of the storage space that you may decide to use.

Note that these tips on how to store a mattress save you money and helps you to stay prepared for any unexpected guests. You don’t have to send any of your family or friends, from far flung places, to hotels for sleepovers whenever they are in town for more than 24 hours. These tips enable you to pull your mattress from storage for use at any time of the day or night.